About Our Courses

CMSP Motorcyclist Training Course (MTC)

The CMSP MTC is a three-day course taught by instructors certified by Total Control  using curriculum developed by Lee Parks. All riders in California under 21 years of age must successfully complete this course to obtain a motorcycle license or endorsement. This course is not a guaranteed pass, you will be required to pass a written and skills evaluation in order to successfully complete the course.  Upon successful completion of the CMSP MTC, students are given a Certificate of Completion of Motorcycle Training (DL389). The motorcycle riding test given by the DMV may be waived with this certification and graduates may also qualify for insurance premium discounts with some motorcycle insurers.

The CMSP MTC is aimed at beginning riders of all ages 15 1/2 or older. To take this course, you must present a valid government issued photo ID the first night of class. If under 18, a waiver must be signed by a parent or guardian.

Motorcycles and helmets (sizes (XS – XXXL) for use in the course are included in your course fee. Fees are $180 for students 20 and under  and $258 for students 21 and over. The motorcycles used in the course are 125cc, 200cc or 250cc.

In this course, you’ll learn how to operate a motorcycle safely, with emphasis on the special skills and mental attitudes necessary for dealing with traffic.

The Instructors will start you off with straight-line riding, turning, shifting and stopping. You’ll gradually progress to cornering, swerving and emergency braking. In the classroom you’ll learn about the different types of motorcycles, their characteristics, and how they operate. The instructors, all experienced motorcyclists, will advise you on what to wear for comfort, visibility and protection. You’ll find out how alcohol and other drugs affect your ability to ride safely. A very important segment of the course will show you how to create your own strategy for riding in traffic, and how to deal with critical situations. The course concludes with a knowledge test and skill evaluation.